Press Release: New Saskatoon neighbourhood gets car powered by the sun

Press Release
Saskatchewan Environmental Society
Monday, April 30, 2018
For immediate release

A new Saskatoon neighbourhood gets car powered by the sun

On April 30, 2018, the Renewable Rides  team launched the second 100% solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) in a public car-share—the first in the Nutana neighbourhood, in the parking lot behind the Arrand Block apartment building (520/522/524–11th Street East). Renewable Rides is an innovative program in which the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) is bringing solar-powered electric vehicles to the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative’s fleet of cars. This is the first of its kind in Canada: a car-share program, with electric vehicles, powered by 100% solar energy, available to all.

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative (SCC) has been servicing the Nutana neighbourhood for the past five years, and anticipates a reinvigoration of its presence in the Broadway area with this exciting new expansion. “Our Cooperative is thrilled to now be introducing 100% solar-powered electric vehicles to our fleet. Car-sharing is a sustainable, affordable, and convenient alternative to private car ownership, and an excellent complement to active and public transportation. We are proud to be taking it a step further by offering our members access to vehicles that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and our collective environmental footprint,” said Dave Palibroda, SCC Board Chair. “Providing Saskatoon residents with a new sustainable mode of transportation is very exciting.”

Saskatoon Light & Power has committed to help provide 100% solar power to the electric vehicle chargers. “Saskatoon Light & Power is delivering the solar energy to charge the electric vehicles through virtual net metering,” says Kevin Hudson, SL&P Metering & Sustainable Electricity Manager. “Virtual net metering allows us to meter solar energy coming onto our distribution system and then move it virtually over the grid to the car charging stations. This enables customers who don’t have a solar energy source connected to their home or business to nevertheless draw on solar energy.”

In addition to the SCC and Saskatoon Light & Power, the SES is pleased to partner with the Affinity Credit Union, the SES Solar Co-operative, Sun Country Highway, Saskatchewan Research Council, Exa Energy, Radiance Co-housing, and Wardell Gillis Law to bring this unique project to fruition. Our Renewable Rides team members are providing various elements to the project, including financial support and in-kind contributions. Affinity Credit Union is providing financial support towards the purchase of this newly-launched EV. “This partnership is a perfect fit for us,” said Myrna Hewitt, Affinity Credit Union EVP of Member Experience. “It supports our vision to build a better world, which means a greener world. We’ve enjoyed hosting the first vehicle at our City Park location, and are thrilled that the second vehicle will give those in the Broadway area an opportunity to benefit from Renewable Rides.”