Youth Affiliate

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is seeking an individual between the ages of 18-30 to serve as a Youth Affiliate on the SES board of directors.

Responsibilities of an SES Board Youth Affiliate 

  1. Attend SES Board meetings once a month (except December, April, July, and August)
  2. Work to establish goals, objectives and major strategy directions
  3. Create awareness of and promote SES within Saskatchewan and identify opportunities to promote the SES mandate
  4. Attend the Annual General Meeting (held in April of each year)

Individual SES Board Youth Affiliate Responsibilities

  1. Have a commitment to and understanding of the purpose, policies, and programs of SES
  2. Represent SES in the community
  3. Serve as a SES Board Youth Affiliate in a volunteer capacity, without remuneration or profit
  4. Be an active and committed participant in the affairs of SES
  5. Be responsible for and report to the Board with respect to areas specifically assigned to a member
  6. Know and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Board and staff
  7. Participate energetically in recruiting new Board Members and volunteers
  8. Support and participate in fundraising
  9. Be prepared to promote SES in Saskatchewan including public speaking and representation of SES at fundraising and other events
  10. Be informed about the background of issues in order to discuss them responsibly
  11. Be regular and punctual to all Board meetings.
  12. Provide reports to each Board meeting as required
  13. Have a working knowledge of the policy and procedures of SES
  14. Maintain Board business confidentiality
  15. Recognize that personal opinions on specific issues do not necessarily represent the official position of SES. As such, personal opinions may not be voiced as the official position of SES on specific issues, unless the spokesperson has been given direction by the Board to do so

Youth affiliates do not have “voting rights” on the board, as they aren’t elected by the membership; however, they do have the opportunity to participate in SES decision-making. This allows for a youthful perspective to be included in board decisions. The term is 1-year, but with eligibility to renew for an additional year.

Please send your resume and short cover letter outlining why you would like to serve as SES’s Youth Affiliate to