The Saskatchewan Environmental Society relies on volunteers to do our important environmental work. Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Administrative: help with in-house tasks.
  • Committee Work: sit on specific administrative, issue, or event committees.
  • Community Outreach: represent SES at display booths or other community events.
  • Events: staff SES events or other community events.
  • Fundraise: raise money and build membership.

Take Personal Action

  • Stuff I Can Do: These pages contain numerous actions you can take to save energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions, both at home and at work.
  • Policy Recommendations: Read our most recent policy recommendations and letters to our representatives. You may use them as templates when drafting your own letters. Or you can host a letter writing social with friends and family. Here’s an example of a recent letter writing social SES hosted in 2024.
  • Become a member of SES: Your support will directly fund environmental education programs in Saskatchewan, help SES create science-based public policy that addresses environmental issues, and help us continue to be the voice for the environment that the public depends on.
  • Host your own fundraising event: Enjoy a potluck, dinner party, bake sale, yard sale, ball or golf tournament, or any other event with proceeds supporting SES’s work.