Our Story

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has been the organization working on environmental issues in the province for more than 50 years.

Read about all of our incredible work in our 50 year (1996-2019) and first 25 year (1970-1995) publications! 

Map of SES’s work in Saskatchewan

SES began life in 1970 as a totally volunteer-run, local Saskatoon organization – this at a time when there was no such thing as a provincial Ministry of Environment and no Environment Canada.

Our initial focus was protection of the Saskatoon riverbank from commercial development. The dedication of those early SES volunteers wishing to protect our riparian areas and the water ecosystem, ultimately resulted in the creation of the Meewasin Valley Authority. As the need to address broader environmental issues soon became obvious, the Saskatoon Environmental Society became the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, with a province-wide mandate.

Over the past many years, SES has grown into a charity with members all over the province and beyond, and has been able to hire a small but mighty staff to work with our volunteers on a wide range of issues including climate changerenewable energy generation, the phase-out of uranium mining and opposition to nuclear power development, protection of Saskatchewan’s water sources, and preservation of important wild spaces and habitat. SES has established a reputation for sound science, good management, civility, and an ability to work collaboratively with others.

Our mission & style of working

Our mandate is to work towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways.

Since 1970, SES has been building a sustainable future by doing research, providing sought after insight, developing programs, and providing rational solutions. Examples of this work involve evaluating environmental policy on a wide variety of issues such as fossil fuels, uranium mining and pesticides, contributing comments and expertise to Canadian environmental law development and changes, and engaging citizens in addressing local environmental issues of concern.

SES also helps people live sustainable lives in our programs that support citizens in reducing toxins and conserving precious resources such as energy and water in their homes, gardens, businesses, institutions, and organizations. We also work with students to develop campaigns in their schools to use less water and conserve energy, and we designed a nationwide Building Operator Training program for community housing providers. Our “Stuff I Can Do” resource provides over 100 tips to help people adopt climate-friendly behaviours at home and at work. 

Our day-to-day operating funds come from our members and donors with some support from foundations and our fee-for-service programs. We do not receive any core funding from government.

We respectfully acknowledge that our work in Saskatchewan is carried out across Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and our office is located in Saskatoon on Treaty 6 territory, the traditional land of Cree peoples and homeland of the Métis Nation.