Unplug electronics when not in use to prevent phantom load


Entertainment, office, and kitchen equipment keeps drawing power even when shut off.  Game systems, computers, printers, coffee makers, microwaves, sound systems, chargers, and more continue to draw power consume electricity even when turned off.  Together they use more electricity than your refrigerator.  Why let your electronics waste electricity?


Unplug devices that are not in use – it’s as simple as that!
“Unplugging” can be automated using timed power bars, or smart power bars. Smart power bars automatically turn off peripherals (game system, speakers, DVD player, etc.) when the main unit (TV) is off.

The following are clues that a product uses standby power (phantom load):
– Remote control
– Instant on
– Programmable
– Wifi connected
– “Smart” device
– External power supply
– Digital display, LED status light, or digital clock
– Contains a battery charger
– Has soft-touch key pad
*A product that has one or more of these features uses standby power, but keep in mind that other products that use standby power may have none of these features.

Are you still using this equipment? Unplug items that may not be getting used anymore, and put a note in your calendar to check them in a month or two. If they have not been plugged back, maybe it is time to rehome them.

unplug sticker