Environmental Education Support

  • Presentations for middle and high school students on climate change, carbon pricing, landfill gas systems, and solar power generation.
  • Targeted energy, water, and waste audits: Based on classroom environmental and learning goals, SES supports the audits from identifying issues, through to auditing, planning for action, and calculating results.
  • Green Pursuit: The Home Energy Saving Game: Players read out actions that save energy, water, or reduce waste, while saving them money. This game is based on real Saskatchewan utility rates. Book it by emailing amberb@environmentalsociety.ca or calling the SES office at 306.665.1915. Drop off and pick up is available in Saskatoon by request. This game comes with a large floor mat (pictured), game cards, and spinners. Print your own score cards. Developed in partnership with READ Saskatoon, and with support from the Saskatchewan Energy Management Task Force.

For more information and to download lesson plans, audits, and campaigns: