Convert T8 fluorescent lighting to T8 LED


T8 fluorescent has been a good choice in efficient lighting for many years. Now, however, LED lighting is more efficient.


You can remove your T8 fluorescent fixtures and replace them with native LED fixtures. This is the more efficient choice, but also has a higher up-front cost, and needs to be done by an electrician. If you choose native LED fixtures, look for fixtures that are maintainable so you can replace parts as they fail, instead of replacing the whole fixture.

There are LED T8 tubes available that can be installed in T8 fluorescent fixtures that  have instant start ballasts. You simply pull out the fluorescent tube, and install the LED tube. The T8 LED tubes are available at hardware and lighting stores. Use the following graph, your electricity rate, and the hours that the lights are on to estimate how much money you could save by making this conversion.