Energy Solutions

Saskatchewan needs to do its part in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by conserving energy and adopting sustainable energy options to minimize our use of fossil fuels. No one pretends that this is an easy task but it is an essential one. Saskatchewan Environmental Society’s energy policy work and conservation projects are making a significant contribution to the solutions.

Saskatchewan is fortunate to have a remarkable wind, solar, and biomass resource that is currently underutilized. Public policy is critically important to the development of a low carbon, renewable energy future. SES has developed several policy documents on renewable energy, and has encouraged the Saskatchewan government to move forward with these policies. The need to do so is made more urgent by climate change.

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has organized Saskatchewan’s first solar power co-op. Our goal is to ultimately see dozens of renewable power co-ops across our province. Learn more about the SES Solar Co-operative Ltd., read the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact by email For more info visit the co-op’s website. Check out the Renewable Energy Toolkit if you are thinking about starting a renewable energy co-op in your community. The toolkit includes seven steps for forming a renewable energy co-op, renewable energy installation tips, templates for by-laws, contract, and business plans, lessons learned, important co-operative documents and forms, and more.

SES is actively engaged in providing energy audit services to businesses and non-profits. Learn more about our Energy Conservation for Non-Profits and Building Operator Training programs. Both are focused on improving energy efficiency. Every person in a building has a role to play in energy conservation. By turning off equipment when not in use, not blocking heating and ventilation equipment, making smart purchases, and being generally aware of how our actions affect energy use, energy consumption can be reduced by 5-10%. For a presentation on how to achieve this kind of reduction in your workplace, see our Energy Awareness Training.

SES advocates for government policies that will help energy to be used more efficiently in Saskatchewan. We are also encouraging SaskPower to move away from coal-fired power plants and to focus on building a renewable energy future for our province. Part of that process will be supporting the Saskatchewan workforce from non-renewable to renewable jobs. Read about good policy measures for planning for the transition in a carbon-constrained world.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence on the dangers posed by climate change, achieving good public policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has proven to be a very difficult task. While SES’s effective and practical energy conservation projects are one important way that we address this problem, we also need to approach it from a public policy perspective.