Reduce exterior drafts, check caulking and weather stripping annually


Drafty doors and windows can waste up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy.  Plus we all know how uncomfortable a drafty room can be. We often set the thermostat higher in order to feel comfortable in a drafty room, therefore using even more energy.


Hold a tissue taped to a pencil, or a smoke pencil, near window frames, door frames, and around plug ins and light switches. If you have access to a thermal imaging camera, use it to view these areas. Drafts will show up as cold streaks on the wall or floor as shown above this window.

These techniques work best on cold or windy days. If you can, turn on kitchen and bathroom vents, and your dryer (on air fluff). Turn off any inlet fans. That will help the drafts show up better. (Remember to turn them off when you are finished). Then check out the videos under “weatherstripping” and “Windows, doorframes, sills and joints” on this website.