Install low flow showerheads


According to WasterSense®, the average family uses 150litres of water each day for showering. Low flow shower heads are now designed to provide an effective shower with much less water than an old shower head (52% saving) or even than a new standard shower head (20% saving).


In order to qualify for WaterSense certification, shower heads must be rated at 7.5 litre/minute or lower. There are numerous shower heads, in a wide variety of price ranges, available that are rated for 6 litre/minute and lower.

To ensure good quality, look for WaterSense certification. Like ENERGY STAR®, WaterSense certified fixtures are better quality as well as more efficient than non-certified products. SES recommends that all new shower heads be rated at 6 litre/minute or less, and WaterSense certified.