Install digitally controlled outdoor irrigation system with weather sensor


It’s easy to over water. Letting your timed sprinklers run regardless of the weather, or turning on your sprinkler and forgetting about it are just two ways. This doesn’t make our green spaces extra luscious. It just wastes water.


WaterSense® certified controllers use the current, local, weather conditions together with site conditions (e.g.soil type, plant type) to determine whether watering is required or not. Other controllers are available that sense rain (but not heat and evaporation). Weather Based Irrigation Controllers are available at local hardware and landscaping supply stores. Ensure that your system is programmed appropriately to achieve a water efficient and healthy yard.

While you are at it, replace your sprinkler heads with nozzles that spray bigger droplets so the water falls to the ground instead of blowing away or evaporating.

Instead of getting a new controller, save even more water by just not watering your grass. When the weather is particularly dry, grass will go dormant and turn brown.  When it rains, the grass will turn green again. Or you can or landscape with plants suited to the local climate, so they do not need additional water.