Increase the power saving settings on all computers


When you aren’t actually using your computer but it is turned on, it will still be using your electricity.  Save 190 kg CO2/year per computer by having your sleep settings activated.  How many computers do you think are in your company?  In your city?  Think how much electricity and CO2 emissions could be saved simply by having our computers go to sleep when we aren’t using them.  


Set your computer to fall asleep after 5-15 minutes of inactivity.
Check out this page from ENERGY STAR to see how to set up sleep settings on your computer.

Note that older operating systems include both “sleep” and “hibernate”. Each drop power use to about 1-3W.   Sleep wakes in seconds, but you may lose open work if power is lost.  Hibernate wakes in 20+ seconds, but saves your work even if power is lost.  Sleep setting in new operating systems wakes in seconds AND saves your work.