Choose an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher


Natural Resources Canada states that an ENERGY STAR certified residential dishwasher uses 12% less energy and 30% less water on average than a standard model.  ENERGY STAR® certifies that your residential dishwasher won’t use more than 15 litres of water. Filling your kitchen sink to hand wash dishes likely uses 20 litres or more.

With commercial dishwashers, the savings are even greater: 40% less energy and 40% less water, and can save you up to $3000/year in water and energy costs.


Numerous ENERGY STAR® rated dishwashers are available, in pretty much every price range.  As well as ensuring you buy ENERGY STAR®, look at the EnerGuide rating to be sure the dishwasher you buy is the most efficient one that will meet your needs.  Both residential and commercial type dishwashers can be ENERGY STAR® rated.

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