Energy, Water, Waste & Biodiversity Lessons


Lesson Plans:

Indigenous Renewable Projects in Saskatchewan

Energy 1-pager

Transportation 1-pager

Access to Food

Stuff that Plugs in

Community Mapping

A Comparison of Energy Consumption in Three Saskatoon Neighbourhoods – Case Study

How SaskPower Generates Electricity for Saskatchewan – Case Study

Increasing Active Transportation – Case Study

Investigating Output from Solar Panels – Case Study

Make a Model of a Passive Solar House

Make a Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

Solar Panels and Their Impact on the Environment

Q=(A x ΔT)/R
(+ Answer Key)

Save Energy Bingo Game
(+ Calculator)


Calculating Light Savings – Spreadsheet

Tracking Light Usage Chart – Spreadsheet

5 Light Bulbs

Food Miles: How We Eat

Heating – Home Energy (Simple)

Heating – Home Energy (Math-Based)

Home Electricity Audit

Lights Out – School Energy Audit

Reading Electrical and Water Meters

Read the Meter, Make a Change (Electrical Meter)

Read the Meter, Make a Change (Water Meter)

Mini Audits

Eat Less Meat


Food Waste Campaign

Lights Half Off

Turn Down the Heat

Turn It Off – Electronics

Idle-Free Campaign

Bike, Walk, or Board

Play Outside Days

How We Eat

Climate Change

Lesson Plans:

Power of One: Climate Change and Taking Action

Power of One – For Outdoors

Climate Change – Evaluating Information Sources

Weather vs. Climate

Ecological Footprint Games

Climate Change – Video
(+ Script)


Lesson Plans:

Water 1-pager

Surface Runoff in Saskatoon – Case Study

Saving Water Relay

Water Calculation Workstation

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

How Does Water Move Through a Watershed

Mind Mapping: Water Resources

Snow Quality Lesson


Water – For Home

Reading Electrical and Water Meters


Clean and Green

Refillable Water Bottle

Schoolyard Naturalization


Lesson Plans:

Waste 1-pager

Food 1-pager

How Things Compost

Vermicomposting: Composting with Worms

How to Compost Outdoors

Sending an Environmental Message Through Visual Art


Garbage Sort

Waste – Compost Audit


Garbage Free Lunch

Alternative Gift Giving


Lesson Plans:

Biodiversity 1-pager

Tree Carbon Activity

Cattail Lesson: Phytoremediation

Duckweed Experiment

Mark-Recapture Activity: “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”
(+ Answer Key)

Methylmercury in Aquatic Food Webs
(+ Answer Key)