Uranium & Nuclear

Cluff Lake Final Submission to the CNSC, Part I and II

January 19, 2023 — Comments on Orano Canada Inc.’s request to revoke the current Licence and release the Cluff Lake Project to the institutional control program.

Rook 1 Submission to the CNSC

October 12, 2022 — Comments to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regarding: NexGen Energy Ltd.’s Rook 1 Environmental Impact Statement

SES’s Nuclear Energy Policy

June 2021  — SES’s updated position on nuclear energy in Saskatchewan.

Cluff Lake Tailings: Critical Reflection

June 2020 — SES Report: Decommissioning Cluff Lake Tailings Management Area: A Critical Reflection

Comments on Cluff Lake Licence Renewal

April 2019 — Comments on Orano Canada Inc.’s application for the renewal of the uranium mine decommissioning licence for the Cluff Lake project.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

August 2020 — SES Backgrounder (Updated): Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Intervention for McClean Lake Mine & Mill Site Re-Licensing Proposal

June 2017 — SES recently intervened in a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission process considering a proposal for re-licensing of the McClean Lake uranium mine and mill site in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca region.

Comments on McClean Lake Mine & Mill Site Re-Licensing

April 2017 — SES Report: Comments from the Saskatchewan Environmental Society on Areva’s Proposal for the Re-Licensing of the McClean Lake Operation Mine and Mill Site

Submission to CNSC regarding Gunnar Remediation Project Phase 2

August 2016 — Submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission from SES regarding the Phase II hold point release to proceed with the Gunnar Remediation Project.

Comments about CNSC’s 2015 Regulatory Oversight Report

November 14, 2016 — Response to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission staff submission “Regulatory Oversight Report for Uranium Mines, Mills, Historic and Decommissioned Sites in Canada: 2015” and Areva’s Cluff Lake 2015 Annual Report. Response is submittedon behalf of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation.

Gunnar Reclamation Submission to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commision

August 14, 2015 — Submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on the Gunnar Tailings Reclamation Plan.

SES Brief to Environment Minister Cox

2015 — Brief to Hon. Herb Cox regarding SES’s work in Saskatchewan and current policy issues facing our province.  

The Legacy of Uranium Mining in Saskatchewan

March 2015 — SES Report: The Legacy of Uranium Mining in Saskatchewan: The Unacceptable Environmental Impacts of Uranium Mining

Gunnar Remediation Project

October 2014 — SES Report: Comments on the Licensing of the Gunnar Remediation Project (Prepared for submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission).

Beaverlodge Legacy of Contamination

July 2013 — CCPA Article: The Government of Canada’s Legacy of Contamination in Northern Saskatchewan Watersheds

High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal Position

January 25, 2011 — Why SES opposes nuclear fuel waste disposal in Saskatchewan

Submission on Re-Licensing of Key Lake, McArthur River & Rabbit Lake

August 2013 — Comments for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on Cameco’s Re-Licensing Proposals for Key Lake, McArthur River, and Rabbit Lake Operations

Nuclear Power in Saskatchewan

April 2009 — Report: People are Asking: Would Nuclear Power be a Good Choice for Saskatchewan?