Press Release: 50 years of environmental action in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Environmental Society
January 8, 2020
For immediate release

Celebrating 50 years of environmental action in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) has been the organization working on environmental issues in the province for the past 50 years. SES began life in 1970 as a totally volunteer-run, local Saskatoon organization – this at a time when there was no such thing as a provincial Ministry of Environment; no Environment Canada. Our initial focus was protection of the Saskatoon riverbank from commercial development. The dedication of those early SES volunteers wishing to protect our riparian areas and the water ecosystem, ultimately resulted in the creation of the Meewasin Valley Authority. As the need to address broader environmental issues soon became obvious, the Saskatoon Environmental Society became the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, with a province-wide mandate.

Over the past many years, SES has grown into a charity with members all over the province and beyond, and has been able to hire a small part-time staff to work with our volunteers on a wide range of issues including sustainable agriculture and forestry, renewable energy generation, protection of our water sources, and preservation of important wild spaces and habitat.

To celebrate our successes over the years, and to ensure that our work can continue in Saskatchewan, SES is organizing a wide array of fundraising events for our 50th Anniversary. Join us for a series of intimate dinner shows where local singer/songwriters will captivate your attention for an evening, or for a moveable feast—hop on your bicycle and enjoy a unique culinary experience while learning about the history of SES. Other events include a trivia night, spin class, and an Anniversary Banquet at the beautiful & diverse Wanuskewin Heritage Centre, just outside of Saskatoon. A delicious meal created from locally-sourced ingredients with a lively program will entertain you and your loved ones in an evening to remember.

In addition to our year of exciting events, SES is also aiming to raise $50,000 in our 50th year. A generous donor will match every single dollar that is raised, for a total amount of $100,000. These funds will help us continue to be the voice for the environment that we all depend on—to protect water, habitat, and continue to develop energy solutions. Every dollar helps!