Press Releases

Press Release: Environmental Initiatives in the Federal Throne Speech Offer Opportunities for Saskatchewan

September 25, 2020 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society welcomes several of the Government of Canada’s Throne Speech commitments on the environment.

Press Release: Conservation group says provincial irrigation plan needs comprehensive assessment

July 29, 2020 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society says a new Saskatchewan irrigation plan needs an Environmental Assessment to ensure that the project does not negatively impact our most precious resource: water.

Press Release: SES will join in the defense of the carbon tax before the Supreme Court of Canada

March 2, 2020 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) is joining many other organizations in arguing that the Government of Canada’s carbon tax is constitutional and should be upheld. The case will be heard later this month at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Press Release: New location for publicly accessible solar-powered electric vehicle

January 27, 2020 — The Renewable Rides team unveiled the new permanent location for a solar-powered electric vehicle in a public car-share, in the Brainsport parking lot in Saskatoon. This is the first of its kind in Canada: a car-share program, with electric vehicles, powered by 100% solar energy, available to all.

Press Release: 50 years of environmental action in Saskatchewan

January 8, 2020 — SES has been the organization working on environmental issues in the province for the past 50 years.