Press Releases

Press Release: Saskatchewan’s climate change plan unacceptable

December 8, 2016 — In December 2015, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society celebrated the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. One year later Saskatchewan has presented a climate change plan that has failed to outline steps that will fulfill these obligations.

Press Release: SES calls for new oil pipeline safety measures

December 5, 2016 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is asking the provincial government to adopt major new initiatives to ensure the safety of oil pipelines in Saskatchewan. These initiatives would build upon and go far beyond the amendments to the provincial Pipelines Act announced last week by Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Energy and Resources.

Press Release: Carbon taxation important source of revenue for innovation

October 19, 2016 — The Saskatchewan Plan for Climate Change released yesterday outlines an approach to climate change that stresses innovation. The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is pleased to hear the Province intends to take the threat posed by climate change seriously, and supports innovation as one of the avenues through which Saskatchewan can work to achieve our fair share of the global emission targets.

Press Release: Carbon pricing opens opportunities

October 7, 2016 — On October 5, 2016, the United Nations announced that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change had met the minimum requirements for entry-into-force; at least 55 countries accounting for 55% of the world’s emissions have formally joined the agreement resulting from COP21. On the same day, Canada voted to ratify the Paris Agreement, joining the United States, India, China, and 69 other countries.

Press Release: Can Gunnar clean-up move forward?

September 20, 2016 — On Thursday, September 22, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will hold a hearing in Ottawa to consider Saskatchewan Research Council’s request to lift the remaining “hold point” on the remediation project at the abandoned Gunnar uranium mine site.

Press Release: SES Solar Co-op reveals first solar project in SK

May 31, 2016 — SES Solar Co-operative President Joe Schmutz and Shift Development Founder and CEO Curtis Olson announced today that the largest solar power installation built to date in the Saskatoon Light and Power district is now complete and just days away from powering up.

Press Release: 25 Acts of Energy Conservation 2016 Winners

May 25, 2016 — The two $1000 winning projects were from Bruno Central School in Bruno with their campaign, Save Roots and Water to Keep Earth Cool, and Argyle School in Regina with their campaign, We Love Our Planet to the Moon and Back.

Press Release: Two largest SK cities urged to become carbon neutral

April 22, 2016 — The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is celebrating the signing of an international climate change agreement in New York today, and is encouraging Saskatchewan’s two largest cities to play a major leadership role in making the key principles of the climate agreement a reality in our province.