Did you know that Saskatoon storm water flows into the South Saskatchewan River without being treated? Most of this runs right off our roads and sidewalks, picking up road salt, pet waste, litter, and other pollutants along the way.

In an effort to help slow down, soak up, and clean storm water while also creating habitats and benefitting our community, SES will be holding a “Depave” event in Saskatoon in May 2022. Depave, a project of Green Communities Canada, aims to improve rain flow in urban centres by “depaving” (removing the asphalt) in a small area and cultivating the site by planting native plants and trees.

Right now, we are looking for a suitable site for our event. The requirements for a site are:

  • Located within Saskatoon
  • Currently paved (asphalt)
  • Size of ~100 m2
  • Publicly accessible
  • Soil that is not contaminated
  • A keen site owner that will allow us to remove asphalt and replace with plants
  • Volunteers, staff, or community members to maintain the area post-planting

If you have an area in your school or church yard, or at your business, in which we can hold our Depave event, please contact us! 

Stay tuned for more details about our Depave event and site, which will be coming soon!