Switch light bulbs from incandescent to CFL or LED


Compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights use, at most, 1/4 the energy of incandescent lights.  Compact Fluorescent lights last 6-10 times longer than incandescent.  LEDs last 25-40 times as long as incandescent.  Lighting accounts for 20% of home electricity use.


Whatever bulbs you buy, to ensure good quality make sure you buy ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs.  ENERGY STAR requires that the bulbs meet efficiency standards, have good quality colors, keep their brightness over time, start quickly, and have low mercury content.

All fluorescent bulbs contain mercury.  When it is time to throw them out, be sure to dispose of them properly.  London Drugs, Rona and Lowe’s accept CFLs for recycling.  Additionally, a few Saskatchewan communities have household hazardous waste collection days or facilities for CFL recycling.