Install WaterSense® certified toilets


Older toilets use 13 or even 20 litres per flush.  The new standard is 6 litres per flush.  Two button toilets typically use 3 litres for a “small load”, and 6 litres for a “large load”.  WaterSense® certified toilets use 4.8 litres per flush.  A WaterSense® certified two button flush toilet would have an average flush volume of 4.8 litres per flush.  Also, to be WaterSense® certified, the toilets have to flush well.


WaterSense® toilets are available at most hardware stores.  If you are having a plumber supply and install the toilet, specify that it must be WaterSense® certified.  There are many WaterSense® certified toilets available for $100 to $400.