ACE Fund

The Ann Coxworth Environmental Fund (ACE) was established by an anonymous donor to recognize Ann’s volunteer contributions to the Saskatchewan environmental movement. The fund is to be used for special projects related to SES’s issue-related work that supports environmental leadership development. The special projects may include staff development opportunities, sending volunteers to conferences and educational events, and holding leadership development and public education events.


1. Funded activities will build human capacity to work effectively and provide leadership on issues of environmental protection and sustainability.

2. Funded activities will support, strengthen, and/or complement the programs and activities of SES.

3. Some examples of fundable activities are:

  • Training and education
  • Travel for issue work
  • Attend or organize conferences and/or workshops
  • Board, volunteer, and staff development
  • Wages for short-term project workers with focus on skill development
  • Support for projects that aim to increase environmental leadership capacity through facilitation, education, information resource development, demonstration, etc.

Please include the following in your application to the ACE Fund:

  • Name of individual/organization
  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Phone/email

1. Description of project (for which you are applying for funds):

2. Budget for project: (Please specify the amount of funds you are requesting from the ACE Fund and how they will be used in the project)

3. How does this project meet the criteria of the ACE Fund? (Using the criteria above, please explain how your project meets these objectives)

4. Provide a brief curriculum vitae of the personnel involved in this project

Annually, approximately $1500 is available to be disbursed through the ACE fund. Average awards have been in the amount of $500.

Please send completed proposals to the SES office via e-mail at