Energy Awareness Training

What is Energy Awareness?

Energy Awareness training (EA) is a program that builds teamwork among co-workers in conserving energy, water, and reducing waste all the while reducing costs at work and at home. The training provides valuable information, both technical and behavioural, that will help individuals save energy and money. Statistics show that 5 to 10% energy savings can be achieved through occupant changes and awareness.

Who can participate?

EA is open to all organizations and workplaces. Most individuals who use the facility attend the program. This includes managers, cleaning personnel, volunteers, office staff, and administration. All play an integral role in energy use of a building.

Your edge

Learn how to be more energy efficient in the use of:

  • Computers, printers, and copiers
  • Kitchen and lunch room equipment
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Lighting

Participants receive:

  • Simple methods to reduce your consumption
  • A manual of helpful information and tips to refer to at work, home, and on the move
  • On-site presentations

Two ways to train your staff

1) Energy Awareness seminar:

  • A two-hour seminar explaining how workspace occupants use energy
  • Number and length of events are negotiable

2) Energy Awareness dialogues:

  • 4-5 targeted behaviour changes, chosen specifically for your facility/staff
  • On-site dialogues with individual staff to help create behaviour change
  • Follow-up materials in the form of statistics, prompts, commitments, and other tools to help create behaviour change

EA focuses on the behavioural changes we can each make to reduce energy consumption. SES will provide on-site presentations, which are typically two hours, although this time frame is flexible. Participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the session, and at the end, fill out a commitment form, indicating changes they will make. This information can then be given to the organizations showing what their greenhouse gas reduction should be. As well, a series of posters will be provided, relating to energy conservation issues specific to the facility.

Manuals are provided to those who participate in the program. These manuals contain further information that will be useful both in the work and home environment.

Print our Energy Awareness Training Brochure