Climate Friendly Zone

Let’s demonstrate that Saskatchewan people want responsible action on greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Climate Friendly Zone campaign is an opportunity for you to declare your commitment towards personal action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as declare your support for climate-friendly public policies and programs.

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When you sign the Climate Friendly Zone Statement of Commitment, you’ll receive a beautiful decal to display on your window at home, at your workplace, on your backpack, or wherever people will see it. This will let your friends, neighbours, and public decision-makers know where you stand on the climate crisis.

If you would like to be part of this campaign, please download and print the introductory pamphlet, and fill in the tear-off panel where you’re invited to sign the Statement of Commitment and provide your contact information. Mail this portion in or bring it to the SES office and we will give you your own decal.

Useful information about climate change and its impacts, about Saskatchewan’s role, and about personal actions that you can take are provided under related resources on this page.

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Climate Friendly Zone Statement of Commitment:

Recognizing the need for urgent action to address climate change,

  1. I will act personally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from my own activities; and
  2. I will support collective and societal actions and policies to reduce Saskatchewan’s greenhouse gas emissions.