Be Water Wise


How can we help your hotel?

The City of Saskatoon’s Be Water Wise program supports water conservation. To help businesses increase their water efficiency, Be Water Wise implemented a pilot project in which the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) conducted water audits in four Saskatoon hotels at no charge.

Similar  programs in other Canadian cities have been highly successful in assisting businesses to reduce their water bills, typically by 30% to 50%. In a few instances, the achieved water savings have been greater than 80%.

All sectors play a role in helping Saskatoon achieve this goal, but the commercial, industrial and institutional sector has an especially important role to play, as it accounts for almost half of municipal water consumption.

Water conservation produces many benefits, including utility savings for water users, enhanced business image, and community-wide benefits such as reduced energy use in water treatment and deferred capital costs for municipal infrastructure.

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