Climate Change

Response to White Paper on Climate Change

The Saskatchewan government released their Climate Change White Paper on October 18, 2016. The paper is positioned as an “alternative approach to Prime Minister Trudeau’s national carbon tax” (Government of Saskatchewan, 2016).

CFZ Week Three 2016: Encourage a Friend

CFZ Week Three: Encourage a Friend

CFZ Week Two 2016: Talking to Candidates

CFZ Week Two: Talking to Candidates

CFZ Week One 2016: Educate Yourself

CFZ Week One: Educate Yourself

SES Brief to Environment Minister Cox

This submission is intended to give you a sense of the non-profit work the Saskatchewan Environmental Society is doing, as well as some of the current policy issues facing our province that are of most concern to us. Read more

Sustainable Future for Saskatchewan Report 2015

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Sustainable Future for Saskatchewan Executive Summary 2015

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SES Letter to Premier Brad Wall and Minister of Environment on Climate Change 2013

SES Letter on Climate Change to Saskatchewan Minister of Environment