Sustainability Speakers Series

The Sustainability Speakers Series is a monthly event hosted by Saskatchewan Environmental Society volunteers and the Saskatoon Public Library. These environmentally-themed presentations are free for all to attend and are located in lower level meeting room of the Frances Morrison Central Library (311 23rd Street East) in Saskatoon. All talks run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Tuesday, March 19
“Death & Taxes: The Law & Economics of Putting a Price on Carbon”

Join Professor Jason MacLean of the U of S College of Law for a discussion on Canada’s carbon tax. MacLean will explain the policy reasons for pricing carbon emissions and discuss the pros and cons of Canada’s proposed approach in the broader context of global efforts to fight climate change.

Tuesday, April 16
“When Human Lines Collide with Nature’s Circles: Post-Industrial Consumerism & the Planet”

Climate change, species extinction and other environmental threats are intensifying to previously unseen levels. Darrin Qualman will examine the shapes and flows of natural and human systems; explore what sustainability really means; and make the case that a profound restructuring of the core flows and processes of industrial civilization is critically necessary.

Tuesday, May 28
Fixing Saskatchewan’s Climate Change Plan

As climate change becomes a global health and ecological emergency, we face the challenge of sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Saskatchewan government’s climate plan, “Prairie Resilience”, starts us on the path to managing our greenhouse gas emissions, but on its own it will not enable us to do our fair share of Canada’s commitments under the Paris Climate Accord. Peter Prebble and Ann Coxworth, two of the authors of “Prairie Resilience” Is Not Enough, will outline the local and global impacts of climate change now being observed.  They will then present a comprehensive plan for reducing greenhouse gas pollution in every sector of the Saskatchewan economy.