Sustainability Speakers Series

The Sustainability Speakers Series is a monthly event hosted by Saskatchewan Environmental Society volunteers and the Saskatoon Public Library. These environmentally-themed presentations are free for all to attend and are located in lower level meeting room of the Frances Morrison Central Library (311 23rd Street East) in Saskatoon. All talks run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Saskatchewan Low Carbon Stories / Nov 19, 2019

Margret Asmuss will talk about the impacts of the climate crisis, with a focus on what we are seeing in Saskatchewan. She will discuss what we can learn from five Saskatchewan communities, businesses and farms that work to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while benefitting their bottom line.

Worth Saving a Subspecies? / Dec 10, 2019

Woodland caribou live in mountainous and boreal habitat across Canada and are listed as “threatened” in Canada’s Species at Risk Act. Branden Neufeld will describe the unique aspects of woodland caribou and his research into ways to conserve this special part of Canada’s natural heritage.

Saving Our Swales / Jan 21, 2020

Saskatoon’s Northeast and Small Swales are a mix of wetlands and remnant native grasslands bursting with biodiversity. These swale ecosystems are under pressure from development, including houses, roads, and a provincial highway. Meghan Mickelson and Warrick Baijius share some insights and recommendations for sustaining the swale ecosystems.

Accelerating the Adoption of Solar Power in Saskatoon / Feb 18, 2020

With lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions just 1/17 that of coal, solar power is a natural choice to help meet our electricity needs. Yet numerous challenges to its implementation exist. Peter Prebble and Michael Nemeth of the SES Solar Co-op board will talk about the lessons learned from numerous solar installations and how adoption of solar power in the Saskatoon region can be accelerated.

Cultivating Genetic Diversity for Food Security / Mar 17, 2020

Dr. Axel Diederichsen (Plant Gene Resources of Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) will explain the importance of maintaining the genetic diversity of cultivated plants and Cathy Holtslander (National Farmers Union) will talk about farmer-led and public plant breeding for keeping our food system resilient.

Cycling in Saskatoon: What’s Stopping You? / Apr 14, 2020

Cathy Watts, chairperson of SaskatoonCycles, will present reasons for not riding a bike in Saskatoon and the possible solutions. She will also present the benefits of this activity for the environment, community and your health. The short video “Life on 2 Wheels” that highlights some Saskatoon residents will inspire you.