Allyson Brady | B.A.

Executive Director

AllysonAllyson Brady has worked with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society to protect and preserve the provinces precious natural world since 1991. For 14 years, she served as an SES information coordinator, sharing with schools, businesses, institutions, and municipalities her extensive working knowledge of environmental issues, with a specific focus on grassland and forest ecosystems. In 2005, Allyson was promoted to the role of executive director, with expanded responsibilities including policy and procedural development, fundraising, financial oversight, networking and organization development, and administrative supervision. In addition to several appointments to government and industry advisory bodies on forest issues, Allyson served for 11 years on the Canadian Environmental Network Forest Caucus steering committee, several years as its chair. Allyson is an alumna of the University of Saskatchewan and has also been a contributing author and researcher to books about the environment and forests.

Megan Van Buskirk | B.A., B.Sc.

Office Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

MeganMegan contributes to the overall organizational management of SES. She also assists with SES’s education programs. Megan has two degrees in environmental studies from the University of Saskatchewan: a B.Sc. in Physical Geography, and a B.A. in Northern Studies. She is currently Deputy Provincial Commissioner for Saskatchewan Girl Guides. Megan has attended the United Nations Climate Negotiations four times, where she worked with youth from around the world to help alleviate climate injustices. Megan is very keen on the environment, but she also has a passion for photography.

Lynette Suchar | B.A., E-RYT

Communications Coordinator

LynetteLynette has a B.A. in professional communications and an honour’s diploma in print and photojournalism. She is also a  yoga teacher, and teaches throughout Canada and Mexico. She is also a freelance writer, focusing on health and wellness. Her interest in sustainability and minimalism weaves into her yoga teaching and everyday lifestyle choices. Lynette has an interest in Spanish, cooking, and art. You will probably see her hanging out at the farmers’ market on the weekends.

Sherry Rawlyk | Business Marketing Dipl.


staff photo sherry 316x212Sherry oversees the day-to-day bookkeeping and financial reporting for SES. She has been an avid volunteer on many boards, and is currently the President of the Boyan Ukrainian Dance Club. She has owned her own bookkeeping business, Sum It Up Bookkeeping, since 2006. Her passion is her children, adventure, and creating great memories. It’s through her children’s excursions with their outdoor education programs that Sherry has found a passion for being involved with an organization that is making positive change for our environment, and SES has been the perfect fit.

Angie Bugg | P.Eng, BE

Energy Conservation Coordinator

AngieAngie Bugg manages energy conservation projects for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. She works with non-profit organizations and other building owners to identify energy conservation potential in their facilities. She also works with building operators to run their buildings more efficiently, and helps people in all types of office, school, and health care facilities to reduce their energy consumption at work. Angie has been working with SES since 2003 to help people live sustainable lives and build a sustainable future.

Pam Belcher | M.A. SpEd

Education Coordinator

PamPam’s work involves all aspects of the SES school programs, including developing workshops, lessons, and resources connected to the Saskatchewan curriculum. For over 10 years, Pam has worked with the DCS program, supporting teachers to provide good environmental education, and helping students take action to conserve energy and water, and reduce waste. More recently her responsibilities have included designing and developing the energy efficient homes education program, Smarter Science Better Buildings, and coordinating the Boreal Water Monitoring Program in northern Saskatchewan schools. These projects have allowed her to travel all over the province, and work with teachers who are passionate about the health of our environment, and the role education can play in creating students who not only understand the issues, but also want to be a part of making a difference.

Leah Luciuk | B.A. & Sc. in Environment and Society

SASF Coordinator

Leah is SES’s Student Action for a Sustainable Future (SASF) Coordinator. SASF is an education program that motivates students to create measurable greenhouse gas reductions in Saskatoon. Leah joined SES’s education team in 2016, where she helped facilitate hands-on energy, water, and waste workshops for students in Saskatchewan. During her time as SES’s Renewable Energy Project Intern, she created a manual that helps readers start their own renewable energy co-op, a resource which is available on SES’s website. Leah has a B.A. & Sc. in Environment and Society and a Certificate in Sustainability from the University of Saskatchewan.

Amanda Lindgren | B.A.

Saskatchewan Living Green Expo Coordinator

staff photo amanda 316x212Amanda is the event coordinator for the Saskatchewan Living Green Expo, an annual festival and tradeshow that showcases sustainable products and services in Saskatchewan. She works with local businesses, volunteers, and sponsors to organize and promote this event highlighting green living solutions in the province. Amanda is also pursuing an honours degree in Public Administration from the University of Saskatchewan, with a Certificate in Sustainability. She has been involved with SES as a volunteer since 2013 and believes strongly in creating a sustainable future for the province. Outside of SES, Amanda enjoys yoga and relaxing with her dog, Bartok.

Deb Hockley | BSPE, B.Ed

Community Connections Coordinator

Deb is planning a new SES pilot program as Community Connections Coordinator. For the past two years, Deb worked as the Student Action for a Sustainable Future Coordinator. She was introduced to amazing teachers, students, and sustainability partners. Seeing student projects shape, behaviours change, and results happen inspired Deb and SES to extend this type of program to the community. SES plans to offer events, workshops, and “How to” sessions to school community councils, together with their community associations. Helping these leaders efficiently build healthy communities is key. Learning about sustainability, understanding the City of Saskatoon’s Greenhouse Gas reduction targets, and experiencing the value of relationships is the focus. This pilot project will create awareness, promote lifelong learning, and it will celebrate sustainable living.