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  1. Our Story Thumbnail

    Our Story

    Check out all the work SES is doing in Saskatchewan! Scan over the green dots on our interactive map to see what issues and projects we are working on in the various locations around the province. Click on the link in Our Story.

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    25 Acts of Energy Conservation

    Take action to conserve energy or water, or reduce waste. By April 28, 2017 submit your application along with a description of your school’s actions, results, and impact to be entered to win up to $1000. Visit for all the details.

  3. Sustainable Speaker Series Thumbnail

    Sustainable Speaker Series

    Join us on May 16th at the Frances Morrison Library in Saskatoon. David Henry will talk about his book "Watching Wildlife in Prince Albert National Park" and share insights about watching and photographing animals.


Recent Press Releases

  1. Press Release: 25 Acts of Energy Conservation Webcast

    On February 8, 2017, the Saskatchewan Science Centre and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society hosted a webcast for students. Students from 15 schools across Saskatchewan participated.

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  2. Press Release: Saskatchewan's climate change plan unacceptable

    In December 2015, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES) celebrated the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and wrote a letter to the Government of Saskatchewan outlining the steps our province would need to take in order to achieve our emission reduction obligations.

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