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    Sustainable Gourmet

    The 11th Annual Sustainable Gourmet fundraising dinner is on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Marquis Hall (University of Saskatchewan) in Saskatoon. Support SES, support local. Purchase your tickets today!

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    Visit our publications section where we have a wide variety of information on all of the issues we have worked on. A link to our latest submission on the Yancoal Southey Project can be found at the side of our publications page.

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    Our Story

    Check out all the work SES is doing in Saskatchewan! Scan over the green dots on our interactive map to see what issues and projects we are working on in the various locations around the province. Click on the link in Our Story.


Recent Press Releases

  1. Press Release: SES Solar Co-op reveals first solar project in Saskatchewan

    SES Solar Co-operative President Joe Schmutz and Shift Development Founder and CEO Curtis Olson announced today that the largest solar power installation built to date in the Saskatoon Light and Power district is now complete and just days away from powering up.

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  2. Press Release: 25 Acts of Energy Conservation 2016 Winners

    Between March 21 and April 22, 2016, schools around Saskatchewan took on the challenge of saving energy, water, and reducing waste. Schools made videos, presentations, took photos, and submitted descriptions of what they did to be entered to win up to $1000 for their school.

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